Patricia’s yoga is a gift of body, mind and spirit.   She focuses her energy on the depth of the pose and the connection to the whole being.  I recommend her teaching to anyone wanting to reach into the strengthening significance and beauty of Yoga. —Lois

I have had a bad back for decades…. about a year ago I started working one-on-one with Patricia.  She patiently and empathetically designed a program for me …..  within six months I was stronger and more limber than I’ve been since high school.  I now take multiple classes with different teachers, and feel totally grounded in the basics (how to move and how to breathe) thanks to the guidance Patricia offered. —Ben M.

Patricia had lit up a spark in me that had been out for a very, very long time in my life. I finally feel really alive again….. I feel indebted to her for getting me started in Yoga…. I have truly never been happier in my life! —Stephen

Patricia is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had.   She embodies a calming, nonjudgemental presence that makes yoga practice a joy.  She can also talk you through poses that makes you go “aha!’ —Liz

Patricia has become my favorite and best yoga instructor.  I have learned more from her in a short period of time than I did in previous classes.  Patricia’s patience and personal attention make her sessions challenging, yet peaceful. —Chris

I had surgery about ten years ago and never thought I would do yoga again.  After working with Patricia one-on-one and learning the basics and nuances of the poses, I am now practicing yoga regularly and feeling great! Patricia compassionately encourages me to advance, and I am comfortable doing so as I know she always has my back…literally! —Eliza