Private Sessions


IMG_0040 Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength and flexibility,  and/or develop more body awareness, I have the methodology and skills for helping you create your pathway.  I have excellent listening and assessment skills and this aids you in becoming fully engaged in your process.   Being embodied and feeling the joy of your aliveness is vital to keeping your practice consistent.

One of my clients had been using pain medication for over 8 years to ease a herniated disc.  He felt groggy, had digestive issues and had very low energy with mood swings.  After working together for a year, he no longer needed to take the medication and suffer from the side effects.  He also feels stronger, and brighter in his life.  He let me know that  “He feels more alive than ever.”

As a Wellness Coach, Yoga Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer, I have had over seven years of experience working with clients. Those with injuries, illnesses, and emotional challenges can be supported in the safety of his or her home or in my private studio.  My  experience comes from having worked with cancer patients, persons with injuries, the elderly, and women in prison.  Please contact me for rates.  Sliding scale is available to those under financial distress.