portrait1As a young woman, I was a long distance runner.  While training for races gave me a deep understanding  of my athletic capacity, it did not necessarily ease the incessant voice of “needing to be better” that drives a competitor.   In 1993,  I began my study of Iyengar Yoga due to high levels of stress from trauma.  This ancient art gave me the capacity to discover my natural healing process, and sense of ease.  It also gave me a different kind of strength.  While running could become meditative, yoga is a meditation.  Since 1996 to the present, I have traveled through India and attended long meditation retreats to discover how deep the mind/body relationship is in everything I do.   All of these experiences has led me to  become a Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach.  Currently,  I work as a consultant at the YMCA to design fitness programs for my clients and at a Functional Rehabilitation Program to help patients live with chronic pain.